For student-athletes who aspire to play college athletics, FieldLevel is an online recruiting network that helps them find opportunities to play at the next level. Unlike other college recruiting sites, our product enables athletes' best references, their coaches, to introduce them to college programs.

We require each athlete on FieldLevel to be connected with team to ensure their coaches play roles in the recruiting process. Athletes can't be discovered by college coaches unless they are on an active roster. 

Coaches on FieldLevel are responsible for certifying their athletes; a certification is a written assessment of an athlete's abilities and college projections. Being, that these certifications can only be seen by college programs (not athletes or parents), coaches can provide honest feedback in their assessments. 

We give coaches from all levels the capability to connect with one-another to build their networks, develop relationships, and share information about athletes. When an athlete's coach is connected with a college coach, they can recommend their athletes to that college coach directly. 

College programs can discover athletes by searching for specific requirements, browsing athletes that have indicated interested in respective programs, and/or by receiving recommendations from athletes' coaches. They can follow athletes to stay updated when athletes make updates and changes to their profiles and information. If they are interested in contacting athletes directly, they can ask the athletes' coaches to release their contact information.

Athletes are responsible for working with their coaches to build comprehensive profiles that have information and video that college programs can use to evaluate them. FieldLevel allows athletes to build a list of the programs they are targeting, manage conversations with college coaches, and ultimately facilitate their commitments decisions. 

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