FieldLevel is a recruiting network for coaches and athletes.

For any student-athlete who aspires to play college athletics, FieldLevel helps them find opportunities to play at the next level. Unlike other recruiting sites, our network enables athletes to organize and collaborate with their best references; their coaches.

Coaches are the best advocates for their athletes - they possess the greatest depth of knowledge with regards to their athletes' talents, academic abilities, leadership skills, character, etc. College coaches trust this information and use it to evaluate recruits. 

Athletes on FieldLevel are required to have their profiles connected to at least one of their coaches. Athletes can’t be discovered by college coaches unless they are on an active roster. 

Additionally, to ensure the authenticity of the networks, we manually verify every coach on the platform. Once verified, coaches and their athletes collaborate to build athlete profiles which include Target Schools, video, academic information, etc. 

Coaches are responsible for certifying their athletes; a certification is a written assessment of an athlete’s abilities and college projections. To ensure that college coaches receive a complete, objective understanding of an athlete, coach certifications can only be seen by college coaches (not athletes or parents). 

Coaches at all levels can connect with one another to build their networks, develop trusted relationships, and discuss athletes. Coach connections are significant because they enable coaches to share contact information with one another and provide the capability for high school and club coaches to recommend their athletes directly to college coaches. 

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