As a verified college coach on FieldLevel, you have the ability to connect with any high school, junior college, and club/travel coach in the network. When you connect with a coach, you can exchange information on athletes and they can send you recommended athletes for your program.

Every coach on FieldLevel has been verified by our team and we ask coaches to provide evaluations of their athletes so you can evaluate their capabilities.

My Connections

Connecting with coaches has two major benefits for you: 

1) Access to their contact information and the ability to send them direct messages

When you connect with coaches, you receive their contact information and can send them messages directly regarding players on their rosters. Your connections can only message you directly by sending you Athlete Promotions or by replying to your initial messages.

2) They can send you Athlete Promotions

Your coach connections can recommend players from their rosters who they feel would be a good fit for your program — these recommendations are called Athlete Promotions. Athlete promotions contain athletes' profiles along with personal notes from the coaches.

How To Connect With Coaches

You can browse the network and start connecting with coaches by clicking the network icon (top right on a computer and bottom left on a mobile phone or app) and clicking the Search Coaches tab.

Each coach in the FieldLevel network has been manually verified by our staff, ensuring we have the most authentic network of coaches. 

When you click Connect, that particular coach will receive an email notification from you requesting he/she add you to his/her network. 

Coach Profiles

You can review coaches' Playing and Coaching Histories by clicking on a coach’s name.

You can review your coach connections and view pending requests in the My Connections area. 

To access My Connections, click the network icon on the top right of your home dashboard.

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