As you connect with coaches, you will begin receiving Athlete Promotions from the coaches in your network. You can view information on these athletes and start a dialogue with the coaches who send them to you.

Athlete Promotions

When coaches feel they have athletes who would be a good fit for your program, they will recommend them to you via Athlete Promotions. When you receive an Athlete Promotion, you will receive a notification to view the athlete's profile typically containing the following:

  • Video Highlights
  • Academic Info (GPA, SAT/ACT)
  • Transcripts

For athletes you like and want to keep track of, you can add them to your My Recruits list to receive updates on their progress. 

Your recruit list is located on the right hand side of your homepage dashboard under your team.

Setting Criteria

To help you find the student-athletes on FieldLevel who meet your program's criteria, you can set your academic and athletic requirements for athletes.

To set or change your program's criteria, click on the clipboard icon on the top right of your home dashboard. Under the Program headline, click "Athlete Qualifications." 

By setting your criteria, you help avoid receiving Athlete Promotions of unqualified athletes and it allows you to search based on your program's specific needs. Your criteria includes the following: 

  • GPA
  • Athletic Measureables (Sports Specific)

Setting your criteria also helps us match you with recruits and provide you suggestions of athletes based on how coaches assess and project their players. 

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