In addition to receiving Athlete Promotions, college coaches can also search for recruits on FieldLevel. 

You can view athlete promotions sent to you on the right hand side of your homepage dashboard. Click "Discover Athletes" under your team, then click "Promotion Inbox" on the left hand side to view athlete promotions.

To help you find the best recruits for your program, we've provided you search filters to assist you in identifying and evaluating athletes.

Find recruits by using our athlete search tool. On the left hand side of your homepage dashboard click "Discover Athletes" under your team. From here click "Search Athletes" on the right hand side, then click FILTER next to the search button to open up criteria to select.

College coaches have the ability to search for athletes based on the following:

  • Athlete Name
  • Current Competition Level (High School Grad Year) 
  • Coach Projection Level
  • Position
  • Height/Weight
  • GPA
  • SAT/ACT Scores
  • State/Country
  • Commitment Status
  • Interested In Your School
  • Whether You're Connected With Their Coaches
  • Matches Your Athlete Qualifications
  • Video In Profile 
  • Transcripts In Profile 

The search results also show you whether or not athletes have video in their profile and if they match your Criteria

Interested Athletes

Athletes have the ability to research and add colleges to their Target Schools Lists, indicating their interest in playing for specific programs. College coaches have the ability to search for athletes who are interested in their programs. This search filter can be very helpful when determining which athletes to track and contact for camps, campus visits, and other parts of the recruiting process.

In the "Search Athlete" tool, click on the "Targeting" tab to view athletes who have added your program to their target school list.

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