Monitoring My Recruits

Track and receive updates on athletes and their progress throughout the recruiting process by adding them to your My Recruits List.

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Once you identify and evaluate recruits for your program, you and your coaching staff can track their progress and monitor their development by adding them to your My Recruits List. 

Access your recruit list on the left-hand side of your homepage dashboard under your team or by navigating to it after clicking on the clipboard icon at the top of the homepage.

When you request to add athletes to your My Recruits List, their coaches will receive a notification to release the athletes' complete profiles. When the profiles are released, those athletes are added to your My Recruits List and you will have full access to their contact information. 

This process keeps high school coaches in the loop regarding which colleges have shown interest in their athletes and reminds them to continue to provide updates regarding their athletes' development.

For athletes on your My Recruits List, you will receive updates in your Main Dashboard Feed when they update their profiles or add new information. Specifically, you'll receive updates regarding the following:

  • Added Video Highlights

  • Coach Assessments

  • GPA, SAT/ACT Scores

  • Commitment Changes

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