How to add past alumni to your roster
How to add your Alumni to FieldLevel to show where you have placed your previous athletes.
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High school and club coaches can now add past alumni (or current alumni not on FieldLevel) to the rosters of their past and current teams to showcase their placement history. By doing so, coaches can demonstrate their ability to place players at the next level to build credibility with college coaches and create more opportunities for their athletes.

If you're looking to mark your current roster athletes on FieldLevel as committed and move them to your alumni, please click here: Managing My Roster and Alumni.

How to Add Alumni

Alumni can be added to any of the past and current teams listed on your coach profile. Select "My Profile" from your main dashboard drop-down (top left on the mobile app or top right on a computer). In the coaching history section, click the 3 dot icon on the right side of each team to manage your alumni.

To add a player, enter their name, recruiting class, position, and the college to which he/she committed. You can also enter their email (optional) and they will receive notification that they have been added to your alumni roster.

Once you have entered your Alumni, coaches will be able to view information about your placement history from your Coach Profile and Team Pages, as referenced below. 

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