Athletes and coaches can discover great college opportunities and get in front of more college coaches using College Recommendations.

To receive Recommendations, athletes must be connected to a team, have at least one college added to their Target Schools Lists, and must have completed their College Preferences. Only athletes using FieldLevel Premium can view their College Recommendations.

Recommendations use the following data to calculate the schools for which each athlete is a good fit and allows their coaches to promote them to those colleges:

  • Athletic needs of colleges (velocities, recruiting classes, positions, etc.)

  • Academic needs of colleges (GPA, SAT/ACT scores, majors, etc.)

  • Projections/Assessments of high school coaches

  • Network connections between high school and college coaches

  • College Preferences of athletes (Location, School Size, etc.)

Based on these data points and others, athletes are presented with numerous recommended colleges to target and pursue, broken down into various categories such as "In-State Opportunities," "Colleges that have recruited from my state," "Out-of-State Options," and more.

Coaches can access the recommended colleges section by selecting the "Promote to Colleges" button located within their roster (or by clicking "Promote" from an athlete profile). Clicking this takes you to the 'For (Athlete Name)' section within promotions. Here you will find all of the college recommendations for that athlete. From here, you can select a recommended college to promote the athlete to.

To learn more about sending recommended promotions, click here: How Do I Send Athlete Promotions?

To learn more about how College Recommendations work and the best way to use them to identify the right college programs for you, click here: How to Use College Recommendations to Discover Great Schools.

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