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What coaches receive when their athletes upgrade to Premium
What coaches receive when their athletes upgrade to Premium

Explaining how coaches benefit from their athletes upgrading to FieldLevel Premium.

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Not only do athletes who upgrade to Premium unlock access to new features to help them throughout the recruiting process, their coaches also receive additional benefits.

Here is an overview of the features you receive when your athletes upgrade to Premium.

1. See which colleges are engaging with your athletes

You can see exactly which colleges are engaging with your athletes' profiles, including:

  • Profile Views - Who is viewing their profile?

  • Video Views - Who is viewing their videos?

  • Follows - Who is following them?

  • Search Appearances - Whose searches are they appearing in?

You can use this information to gauge which colleges are genuinely interested in your athletes and then work with your athletes to follow up accordingly.

Here is a sample of the profile activity section for a coach of a Premium athlete:

2. View their College Matches

Each athlete receives College Matches to help them target the right schools and find opportunities they may not have considered. Matches are based on their score with every college on FieldLevel, which takes into account a number of data points throughout our system, including these 3 main factors:

  1. Athlete's Information / Preferences

  2. Colleges' Needs / Preferences

  3. Coach Evaluation (Assessment + Projections)

You can also use these College Matches to suggest schools for your athletes to add to their Target School lists, which you can learn more about here: How Do I Suggest Colleges for my Athletes to Target?

Here is a sample of how you can view College Matches from the Recommended Promotions page:

3. Promote your athletes to any college coach on FieldLevel

When your athletes upgrade, you can promote them to any college in the country, even if you aren't connected with the coaches or if the college isn't signed up for FieldLevel yet.

This dramatically expands your reach as a coach, provides your athletes with additional exposure to colleges anywhere in the country, and helps you develop relationships with college coaches outside of your current network.

You can promote your Premium athletes by selecting colleges from their Recommended Promotions page or by finding colleges using the College Search feature.

The Recommended Promotions page displays different categories of colleges for your athletes as well as how well they match with each college.

The College Search feature allows you to utilize various search filters to find college options for your athletes.

Here is a sample of what College Search looks like as the coach of a Premium athlete:

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