How match strength is generated
Athletes are provided a Match Strength for every college on FieldLevel that is generated using various data points.
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Athletes, and their coaches, can see a Match Strength for every college on FieldLevel. Match Strength can be used to identify the best-fitting colleges to target.

Match Strength ranges on a scale of Low to Excellent (Low, Medium, High, Excellent) and is calculated using the following needs and preferences of colleges, high school coaches, and athletes:

  • Coaches Projections of their Athletes

  • Athletes' Preferences for College Proximity/Location  

  • Athletes' Preferences for School Size

  • College Academic Requirements 

  • College Athletic Requirements

  • Athletes' Preferred Competition Level

Match Strength is weighted to ensure that the needs and preferences of every college and athlete are fairly met. For example, if an athlete prefers to stay in-state, their maximum Match Strength with colleges out-of-state won't be higher than Medium.

Match Scores are used to generate athletes' College Recommendations. To learn more about College Recommendations, click here: How to Use College Recommendations to Discover Great Schools.

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