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Understanding my profile activity and how to use it
Understanding my profile activity and how to use it
How athletes can analyze and interpret the Profile Activity they receive from colleges.
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You will receive notifications of Profile Activity when colleges engage with your profile. 

There are two ways that college coaches can find you on FieldLevel:

  1. College coaches can search for athletes using various filters

  2. Your coaches can promote your profile to college coaches

Different types of Profile Activity provide unique insight into what colleges are looking for, their levels of interest ,and how closely they are evaluating you.

These are the four types Profile Activity you can get on FieldLevel:

  1. Search Appearances

  2. Profile Views

  3. Video Views

  4. Follows

When colleges search for athletes on FieldLevel and you show up in search results, you will receive a Search Appearance in your Profile Activity. 

If a college coach views your profile or watches your video, you will receive a Profile View and Video View in your Profile Activity, respectively.

If a college coach follows your profile, you will receive a Follow in your Profile Activity.

When colleges follow you, it means they've added you to their My Recruits list so they can track your progress and receive notifications whenever you update your profile, including:

  • GPA changes

  • SAT/ACT changes

  • Added video

  • Performance report by coaches

  • Changes to coach evaluation

  • Commitment updates 

Athletes on FieldLevel Premium and their coaches can see exactly which colleges are viewing their profiles, watching their videos, and following them.

To see your Profile Activity, click here: See My Profile Activity.

Interpreting My Profile Activity

You and your coaches can gauge the level of interest colleges are showing by the types of Profile Activity you receive. 

For example, if you receive a Search Appearance but no profile view when a college searches you can infer that they haven't evaluated your profile. 

However, if a college views your profile, watches your video, but doesn't follow you, speak with your coaches about reaching out to that college directly to learn what additional information they need. You can also reach out directly by contacting colleges from your Target Schools list.

To learn more about messaging college coaches, click here: How to Express Interest to Colleges.

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