Athletes can be proactive in their recruitment and stand out from other student-athletes with the Contact Colleges feature.

Because college coaches want to hear from them directly, athletes can reach out to colleges to explain why they are interested and a good fit for their programs.

How To Contact Colleges

Athletes upgraded to FieldLevel Premium can contact up to 10 colleges on their Target List monthly.

Simply click the Contact College button next to the Target School and athletes will be prompted to answer a couple of quick questions.

After writing their answers, athletes will have a chance to preview their message before sending it. Don't worry - their work is also automatically saved if they don't send their message and navigate away from the page.

Once the message is sent, college coaches will receive an email notification with the athlete's information including their message.

What Should Athletes Write?

College coaches only have so much time to read their messages daily, so keeping your notes concise and compelling is key.

For more detailed information on what to write to college coaches, visit What athletes should write when contacting college coaches.

Here's an example of a well-written message to a college:

How Many Colleges Can I Contact?

Athletes have 10 messages to send to college coaches every month. If athletes don't send all of their messages in a month, they roll over into the next month with a maximum limit of 30 messages in one month.

Athletes will receive 10 new messages to send every month on their billing date (the date they upgraded).

Athletes who contact colleges will also show up higher in search results for college coaches than other student-athletes who don't utilize this feature.

To start, visit your Target Schools List: View My Target Schools.

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