FieldLevel offers one easy-to-use premium plan that benefits athletes and their coaches.

Athletes and families have the option to upgrade to a monthly plan of $49/month as well as an annual plan for a one-time fee of $470 (20% discount).

Here are the benefits for athletes and their coaches of upgrading to FieldLevel Premium:

  • Profile Activity: See which colleges interact with the athletes' profile, including Search Appearances, Profile Views, Video Views, and College Followers.

  • Matching Colleges: See which schools are the best fit athletically, academically, geographically, etc.

  • Coach Promotions: Allows coaches to promote the athlete to ANY college, even if they aren't connected with those college coaches.

  • College Recommendations: Detailed explanations of schools where the athlete is a good fit to help build a strong list of Target schools.

  • Contact Colleges: Athletes upgraded to FieldLevel Premium can contact up to 10 colleges on their Target List monthly. Athletes will receive 10 new messages to send every month on their billing date (the date they upgraded).

    Premium Athlete Dashboard

    Athletes upgrading to premium have access to their premium dashboard highlighting all of the activity they receive from college coaches in one designated place.

    How to access your Premium Dashboard

    You can access your premium dashboard by selecting the premium icon:

    • Desktop - located on the top right-hand side next to your profile photo.

    • Mobile - located on the bottom footer.

    Premium Dashboard Categories

    Athlete Summary

    Your athlete summary section includes a quick overview of your profile and messages, including:

    • Profile completeness

    • Response time to messages from coaches

    • Videos on your profile

    • Target schools

    • Colleges you've contacted

    • Messages received

    • Profile activity from colleges

    College Matches

    See which schools you match with as well as recommended schools for you. You will also see a red badge when you have new college matches.

    Contact Colleges

    You can track which schools you have reached out to and how many messages you have remaining to send this month.

    Profile Activity

    See all the profile activity you have received from college coaches in the last 30 days. You will also see a red badge when you have recent activity from colleges.


    View which colleges are currently following your profile. You will also see a red badge when new schools follow you.

    Profile Ranking

    View your profile rank against other athletes in your recruiting class/sport and if it's changed in the last 30 days.

    Athletes can access the premium pricing page by clicking the Pricing tab at the top of the navigation bar or clicking on their name in the top right-hand corner and selecting FieldLevel Premium Pricing.

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