How to post recruiting needs

College coaches can let other coaches and athletes know what types of athletes they need by class, position, region, and more.

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College coaches can post their recruiting needs to notify other coaches and athletes about what types of players they are looking to recruit.

Coaches can post their needs from the top of their Feeds or the Recruiting Needs section on the left-side of their Feeds.

When posting a need, coaches can specify the recruiting class and position of the athlete they're seeking.

Coaches can also adjust the visibility of the recruiting need by choosing one of the following options:

  • Public (making the need available to coaches and athletes at all levels, in all states)

  • Coaches and Athletes (making the need available to coaches and athletes at select specific levels, in specific locations)

  • Coaches Only (making the need available to coaches at select specific levels, in specific locations)

After entering the recruiting class, position, and visibility, college coaches are prompted to write a description with what types of athletes they are seeking. The description should list academic standards, scholarship opportunities, specific metrics they want the players to have, ideal characteristics in players, and more.

When college coaches post recruiting needs, they will receive confirmation via email. Coaches who meet the visibility criteria will see the post in their Feeds and receive email notifications. They can reply by promoting any athlete who meet those needs.

If a college coach has chosen to make their need visible to athletes as well as coaches, athletes will be able to view the need if match the competition level and live within the states/regions/provinces the college coach specified when creating the need.

Gold and Platinum FieldLevel Premium athletes will be able to contact college coaches directly from recruiting needs.

As college coaches receive athlete recommendations from coaches in their Promotion Inbox, they will see colored icons next to the athletes who fill their posted needs.

Recruiting Needs can be deleted at any time.

Recruiting Preferences

Adding your program's Recruiting Preferences helps you find better athletes, helps us match you with higher-quality athletes who meet your program's standards, and helps you filter out promotions of athletes who don't fit.

You can adjust your minimums and preferences at any time. Only you and your coaching staff can see your academic minimums and athletic preferences.

To enter or edit your academic minimums and athletic preferences, click on your "Recruit" page from your homepage or by clicking your profile picture.

From here, you can click "Recruiting Preferences" on the bottom left side of the navigation bar.

On the Recruiting Preferences page, you can open and close your recruiting classes and set your academic/athlete preferences.

When a class is open, you will receive athlete promotions from coaches in your Promotion Inbox as well as email notifications.

When you close a class, you will no longer receive email notifications for athlete promotions for that particular class. If you'd like to view athlete promotions for a closed class, you can use the filters in your Promotion Inbox.

You can reopen a recruiting class at any time, which will allow you to post recruiting needs for that class as well. Unlike posting a recruiting need, opening and closing classes are only visible to you and your coaching staff.

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