How to manage multiple teams with one login

If you coach multiple teams/programs during the year, you can add, manage, and switch between each of them with one login.

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Because many coaches work with multiple teams throughout the year, FieldLevel has made it easy for you to access and manage every team you coach by using one email address to log in.

Whether you're managing multiple rosters, recruiting athletes for multiple college sports teams, or accessing and messaging coaches in your network, coaches can use one email address and password to login to FieldLevel. 

To help you easily find and access all of your FieldLevel features, some small changes have been made to the layout that you're typically used to seeing:


The left-hand side of your Hompage/Dashboard now includes easy access to your: 

  • Feed, 

  • College Recruiting Needs

  • Athlete Commitments

  • Top Videos

On the top right-hand corner, you will see icons for your: 

  • Homepage/Dashboard

  • Coaching network

  • Messages

  • Alerts 

  • Toggle between your teams 

Your messages and alerts are universal, meaning no matter how many teams or sports you coach, all of your messages and alerts can be found in one place. Your Feed will also include all relevant updates across every team and sport your coach.

On the right-hand side, you will also see a snapshot of every team and program you coach along with easy access to features and relevant data to track what's going on with each of your teams.

For high school, club/travel, and junior college coaches, you'll see your:

  • Roster

  • Activity from college coaches

  • College followers

  • Athlete promotions

  • Coaching staff

For junior college and 4-year coaches, you'll see your:

  • Program recruiting needs

  • Promotion inbox

  • My Recruits List

  • Athlete search

  • Coaching staff

Coaches can easily add additional teams they coach for from the right-hand side as well.

You can access the Homepage/Dashboard from here: Homepage/Dashboard

Login Info/Notifications 

Instead of using multiple email addresses and passwords to access your teams, you can choose which email address and password you'd like to use to login as well as set up your notification preferences from Account Settings. To access your Account Settings, click on your profile picture in the top right-hand corner of your Homepage/Dashboard.

If you have any questions about the new layout, accessing features, or managing your teams, please contact us at

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