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How athletes can use their public profiles to maximize their exposure

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Athletes can make their FieldLevel profiles public — meaning they are visible to anyone, not just individuals on FieldLevel.

As an athlete, making your profile public will allow you to:

  • Be found by college coaches searching for athletes outside of FieldLevel

  • Share your information on social media or with individuals by email, text, and more

  • Help your coaches send your profile to their coach relationships outside FieldLevel

Athletes can control which information they’d like to make public and keep private. You can access your public profile link directly from your profile.

How do I manage the information on my public profile?

All of your public profile information can be managed directly from your profile page.

By clicking "View Public Profile Settings," you'll be able to see what your public profile will look like to people outside of FieldLevel. You can also adjust your visibility settings using the toggles on the right-hand side to select which information you'd like to make public or keep private.

How do I share my public profile?

You can share your profile by clicking the "Share Profile" button on the right-hand side of your profile or on the right-hand side of your public profile preview page.

Clicking "Share Profile" will open up this pop-up where you can copy your public profile link or share it directly in an email, or to your Twitter or Facebook account.

When and where should I share my public profile?

Once you feel confident about your FieldLevel profile and have it as up-to-date as possible, you can start thinking about sharing it.

You can send and share your public profile anywhere online, including social media. You can share your profile through social media posts to individual platforms and link it in your bio on social platforms like Instagram and Twitter.

You can also work with your coaches to determine if and when your public profile should be sent to college coaches outside of FieldLevel. Before you or your coach send your public profile to college coaches, make sure your profile is complete and that you and your coaches agree that you're a good fit for that program.

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