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How athletes can use their public profiles to maximize success in recruiting
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Using your public profile is a great way to share your information with people outside of FieldLevel, especially college coaches and pro scouts.

We’ve given you the ability to control which information you’d like to make public and keep private (discussed below). You can access your public profile link directly from your profile.

What Are the Benefits of Having a Public Profile?

Public profiles are beneficial to both you and your coaches. As an athlete, using your public profile will allow you to easily share information with coaches outside of FieldLevel through email, text, or social media. This will enable you to get even more exposure to the right colleges without creating any additional strain.

How Do I Manage the Information on My Public Profile?

Navigate to the “My Profile” section from the FieldLevel Homepage. From here, you can click the “View Public Profile Settings” button on the right-hand side and then toggle individual pieces of information on or off based on your preferences. You are in complete control of what information is accessible on your public profile.

How Do I Share My Public Profile?

Navigate to the “My Profile” section from the FieldLevel Homepage. From here, you can click the “Share Profile” button on the right-hand side to view and select your public profile link.

Where Should I Share My Public Profile?

You can send and share your public profile anywhere online, including social media. You can share your profile through social media posts to individual platforms and link it in your bio on social platforms like Instagram and Twitter.

You can also work with your coaches to determine if and when your public profile should be sent to college coaches outside of FieldLevel. Before you or your coach send your public profile to college coaches, make sure your profile is complete and that you and your coaches agree that you're a good fit for that program.

When Should I Share My Public Profile?

Once you have reviewed the information you want public and updated it with recent, accurate details, you can begin to share your profile.

If you have any questions or concerns about your public profile, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. You can contact us in one of the following ways found here: Contact Us


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