Managing Recruiting Preferences

Setting your "Recruiting Preferences" allows you to receive promotions of athletes who meet your specific needs.

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Managing Your Recruiting Preferences

As a college coach, you can set your recruiting preferences to help you find athletes who are a good fit for your program. There are two ways to set your program preferences:

  1. Set your " Academic / Athletic Preferences"

  2. Open or Close your "Recruiting Classes"

To set your Academic / Athletic Preferences and manage your Recruiting Classes, click the clipboard icon at the top of your page and select the "Recruiting Preferences" selection under Program.

Academic / Athletic Preferences

Setting your Academic / Athletic Preferences helps educate coaches on what your program is looking for in an athlete and if their athlete would be a good fit for your program. Filling this information out also helps improve the quality of athlete recommendations you receive from coaches.

Managing Your Recruiting Classes

Opening a Recruiting Class

Opening or closing a recruiting class allows you to control the athlete promotions your program receives for each class. By setting a class to "Open" you will receive all promotions for that class, including junior college players.

Closing a Recruiting Class

If you set a class to "Closed" any open needs for that class will be closed, you will not be able to post any new needs for that class, and you will no longer receive email notifications for any promotions for that class. Any promotions that are sent for a closed class will be hidden in your promotion inbox.

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