Adding videos to your athletes' profiles

How coaches can upload videos and post video links to athlete profiles.

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Both athletes and coaches can add video to athlete profiles.

Not only do athlete profiles with video receive 4X more views from college coaches, but many college coaches have told us they won't view athletes who don't have video in the profiles.

What Type Of Video Do College Coaches Want To See?

  • Skills / Drills / Practice Reps: College coaches want to see repetition. For example, a college baseball coach can learn more from watching a hitter take 15-20 swings than just one swing, even if it's a home run.

  • Game Footage: College coaches love watching unedited film of a recruit competing in a game. This allows them not only to see your athletes' skills but how they move away from the play, how to handle adversity, and how they interact with their teammates.

  • Highlights: While video of practice and repetition shows college coaches a lot, big plays during games are great to showcase as well. Highlights show college coaches your athletes' capabilities and potential. Be sure not to heavily edit the highlights as college coaches want to see the entire play. Also, make sure your athletes have a nice mix of videos with practice, games, and highlights to show the full scope of their abilities.

  • Weightlifting/Speed Training: Showing college coaches how your athletes practice and work in the weight room is a great way to display their work ethic, strength, speed, and explosiveness. Practice drills, weight lifting, and conditioning are all significant components of college sports, so show college coaches your athletes are ready to work hard away from the competition.

How To Post Video To Your Athlete's Profile?

The most effective/easiest way to add a video to your profile is to upload the video file or link from Hudl or YouTube directly from your computer, smartphone, tablet, or other devices by selecting the "Add Video" button. Your videos can be 3 minutes each, a maximum of 600MB, and almost any format of video, including .mp4, .mov, etc. You can also select the video website link/URL option from the drop-down menu to upload videos from YouTube, and Hudl. Right now, we only support video link uploads from YouTube or Hudl. If you have videos from other sites, you can copy the video links and paste them into your timeline from your profile page. This allows your videos to be viewed by college coaches instantly within your profile.

How To Organize / Categorize Your Athlete's Videos


Videos are ordered chronologically in your athlete's videos section and timeline by default, including videos uploaded directly or videos added from YouTube, Hudl, or other sites. Your athletes can pin their favorite video to the front of their video sections for college coaches to watch first.


You can categorize your athlete's videos to help college coaches easily sort, filter, and view specific videos. Your athletes' videos can be categorized into three main categories: Highlights, Game Footage, and Skills/Drills.

Updating Video

Athletes and coaches should frequently add video to an athlete’s profile. Not only can any college coach access your videos on FieldLevel, but your videos also appear in the feeds of any colleges following your athletes' profiles.

As a general rule, we recommend athletes/coaches post at least one new video every month.

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