How parents are included on FieldLevel
Athletes can add their parents/guardians to their accounts. That way, they can be notified of important activities from college coaches.
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As an athlete, you need to have a parent or guardian on your account. They will be copied on all FieldLevel communications, for example, when a college coach wants to contact you, you will receive the communication from the coach, and your parent or guardian will receive an email with the communication as well.

To add a parent or guardian to your account, select the "Edit Profile" button on your profile page and then select the "Parents/Guardians" tab on the left-hand side of the page. From there, you can invite the parent/guardian you would like college coaches to be able to contact by adding either their email or phone number. This information remains private until it is released by your coach.

Once you have sent the invite out to your parent/guardian, be sure to verify their email address. That way, they can receive important notifications regarding the activity on your account.

Do parents/guardians have a separate login or profile to access their child's account?

Although FieldLevel does not have separate logins/profiles for parents at this time, parents are welcome to use their child's login information to log into their accounts. You can learn more about the parents role vs. the athletes role on FieldLevel here: Parents role VS Athletes role on FieldLevel.

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