Parents vs. Athletes Role

Understanding how parents can help their athletes succeed on FieldLevel and how athletes can help themselves.

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Parents role on FieldLevel

A parent's role on FieldLevel is to help your athlete stay up to date on important notifications and help ensure that their profile is up to date with the information college coaches need. For example, you can help your athlete update their latest videos, academic info, and more.

How can parents stay updated with their athlete's profile activity and information?

Being listed as an athlete's guardian/parent on FieldLevel, you will be copied on all FieldLevel communications, such as when a college coach wants to contact your athlete or has viewed your athlete's profile. Being copied on emails helps you stay in the loop as a parent and can help you keep your athlete on track in the recruitment process.

Parents can access their child's account to help them by logging in using the athlete's login information.

Email example:

Athletes role on FieldLevel

Build a Great Profile: Athletes are responsible for completing their profiles so that college coaches have all the information they need during the evaluation process. This means adding personal information, adding academic info, creating a Target Schools List, and adding video.

Constantly Update + Revise: Athletes should continuously update their profile with the most recent video, academic info, transcripts, etc.

Be a Student-Athlete: Athletes need to work just as hard in the classroom as they do at practice, during games, and in the weight room. Always remember the importance of academics, but don't disqualify yourself from college opportunities because of bad grades or test scores.

Communicate With Their Coaches: Discuss with your coach which colleges to target, how to refine your target list over time, which colleges are a good fit for right now, and what can be done to improve and create more opportunities for yourself.

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