What parents can and can't do on FieldLevel

Learn what parents can and can't do to help their athletes.

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What parents can do on FieldLevel

As a parent/guardian on FieldLevel, you can help your athlete stay updated on important notifications and help ensure that their profile is up to date with the information college coaches need.

You can help your athlete ensure that every area of their profile is complete with the following information:

  • Age

  • Contact Info (Email, Address, Phone Number)

  • Height/Weight

  • Teams/Coaches

  • GPA

  • Video

  • Target Schools

  • Honors + Achievements

  • Hobbies + Interest

Other areas of your athlete's profile to stay on top of:

  • SAT/ACT scores

  • Academic transcripts

  • Add new videos

  • Make sure your athlete's coaches update their evaluations as they progress

  • Make sure your athlete is being promoted by their coaches

What parents can't do on FieldLevel

Although parents can help their athletes build their profiles and stay up-to-date on important information, they cannot have separate profiles. If a parent wants to edit anything on their child's profile, they must sign in using the athlete's credentials.

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