Success tips for freshmen & sophomores

Five tips to help freshmen and sophomores in the recruiting process.

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As a freshman or sophomore on FieldLevel, it is important to set your profile up for success as your high school career progresses. That way, you are prepared when college coaches start to engage with you.

Here are five tips to help you get ahead in your recruitment journey:

1. Commit to being a student-athlete first

Participating in intercollegiate athletics at any level requires commitment as an athlete and a student. Being a student-athlete is like having a full-time job, so you must prepare for long days of practice while still prioritizing your schoolwork.

Being a student-athlete requires you to:

  • Understand that your academic standing is critical.

  • Commit to working hard in practice and on your own time.

  • Be mindful of what you post on your social media β€” one inappropriate post could have devastating consequences for your athletic career.

2. Get your parents/guardians involved

Having your parents and guardians in your corner during your recruitment journey is extremely helpful. Adding all of these individuals to your FieldLevel profile now is important so they can help you throughout the process and receive email notifications when your profile is getting activity.

3. Research and target the schools you are interested in

As a freshman or sophomore, you are not expected to know exactly which school you want to attend. While you might have some ideas, it's crucial to research and keep your options open in the early stages of the process.

You should begin by considering the type of college you'll want to attend and what things you find important in a school, such as school size, location, and majors. Once you figure this out, you can set your college preferences on FieldLevel and research schools on the platform.

If you find specific colleges you might be interested in attending, add them to your Target Schools list on FieldLevel. This list can be updated at any time, but creating the list will help you stay organized and focused on your goals.

4. Keep your profile updated

As an athlete on FieldLevel, you'll want to continuously update your profile with recent academic information, athletic information, and videos. That way, college coaches can see your progression as an athlete throughout your athletic career in one central place β€” your FieldLevel profile.

5. Talk to your coaches about your recruiting goals

Recruiting is a team sport β€” it requires inputs and decisions from athletes, coaches, and families. Your coaches play a critical role in the process, and they need to understand your own needs and desires when it comes to playing at the next level. Starting a conversation with your coaches in your early high school years will help them understand what your goals are and help them better understand how to support you throughout the journey.

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