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Success tips for Junior athletes on FieldLevel
Success tips for Junior athletes on FieldLevel
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As an athlete, your junior year in high school is the most critical year during your recruiting journey. Your junior year is the year to connect with college coaches and be seen. This article can help you prepare for your junior year and set your FieldLevel profile up for success.

Get your coach involved

It is essential to invite your coach to be your reference on FieldLevel. That way, your coach can evaluate you and help advocate on your behalf to college coaches. It is important to keep your communication open with your coaches throughout your recruiting journey. Your coach is your best reference, especially when speaking to college coaches. Make sure to talk with your coach about promoting you to college coaches on FieldLevel.

  • Invite your coach to be your reference on FieldLevel

  • Ask your coach to provide an evaluation for you

  • Speak with your coach about your recruiting goals and what you can work on to achieve your goals

  • Ask your coach to promote you to the colleges in your target schools list

Continue to maintain and update your profile often

College coaches can follow athletes to keep track of particular recruits they like by adding them to their "My Recruits List". When you or your coaches update your profile (i.e. GPA, Video, Performance Reports, etc.), college coaches receive notifications in their Timelines. That is why it is important to make sure you are keeping your profile up to date with your most recent videos, evaluations, and academics.

  • Make sure to add 1-2 new videos to your profile each month (ie. game tape/highlights, workouts, training/drills, etc.)

  • Update your academics with your most recent GPA and SAT/ACT scores

  • Have your coach update your evaluation every 6 months as you progress

Research colleges and build your Target Schools List

Before building your target schools list, it is important to meet with your coach to review your evaluation/assessment of your abilities, fill out your college preferences, and review your academics. That way, you can make sure that you target the appropriate schools that would be a good match for you based on your athletic abilities, where you would like to be located, and your academics.

  • Review your evaluation/assessment with your coach

  • Fill out your College Preferences

  • Review your academics and see if you need to improve

  • Once you have built your Target Schools List, ask your coach for their feedback on the schools you have selected

Participating in intercollegiate athletics at any level requires commitment, not only as an athlete but as a student. That is why it is crucial to stay focused both on and off the field. Ensuring that your profile is updated with all of the information college coaches are looking for will help you be successful in your recruitment journey.

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