Athletes viewing college recruiting needs
Free and Premium athletes on FieldLevel can see and sort through Recruiting Needs posted by college coaches
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When college coaches post Recruiting Needs, they have the option to make their needs public, visible to coaches and athletes, or just coaches.

When coaches opt to make their needs visible to coaches and athletes or public, athletes on FieldLevel will be able to view them.

To view college Recruiting Needs, athletes can view their Premium Dashboard and click “See current college needs.”

On the Recruiting Needs page, athletes can sort by various filters, including:

  • Recruiting Class

  • State/Province

  • Level (e.g., DII, NAIA, etc.)

  • Position

Athletes can click on the title of individual needs to view more details. Athletes can only do this for needs that are specifically seeking athletes in their State/Province and at their competition level (high school, club, and/or junior college).

Premium athletes are also able to contact colleges directly from this page.

When viewing an individual need, Premium athletes can click “Contact College,” choose a video from their profile, and write a personalized message to the college describing why they are a good fit for the college/recruiting need.

For more details about contacting colleges or FieldLevel Premium, check out these articles:

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