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How can I see the evaluations written by my coaches?
How can I see the evaluations written by my coaches?
Coach evaluations are only visible to college coaches.
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Coach evaluations have two components:

  1. Written Assessment: An athlete's athletic and academic abilities, leadership skills, character, etc.

  2. Projected Level: Which competition levels a coach feels his or her athlete is currently a good fit. 

Coach evaluations are only visible to college coaches, providing them honest, objective feedback regarding potential recruits. The reason for this isn't to damage or hurt student-athletes — in fact, it's just the opposite.

At some point during the recruiting process, college coaches will want to learn about you directly from your best references, your coaches. Not only does providing this information on FieldLevel save your coaches hours of repetitive work, but it also helps college coaches identify and evaluate you faster, increasing the chances that you find college programs where you're the best fit. Furthermore, your coaches' evaluations help us match you with the best college programs based on your needs, preferences, and abilities.

As you develop, your coaches will update your evaluation to highlight your growth as both a student and as an athlete. Tracking your development over time demonstrates to college coaches that you have potential and that you will continue to work hard.

Lastly, over 95% of high school coaches have communicated to us that they would be happy to show their coach evaluations to their athletes. If you'd like to know where your coaches believe you're a good fit at the moment, we encourage you to speak with your coaches directly.

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