Canceling my Premium Plan

You have the ability to upgrade and downgrade your FieldLevel Premium plan directly from your profile.

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Athletes and family members can cancel their FieldLevel Premium directly from the Account Settings page.

How to cancel your Premium membership

  1. Sign into your account

  2. Click the drop-down menu next to your name on the upper right-hand side

  3. Select "Account Settings"

  4. Select "Manage Premium" on the left-hand side

  5. Click the "Cancel Plan" button

You can also select the "Change Plan" button to explore options to upgrade or downgrade your FieldLevel Premium plan.

When canceling your Premium membership, be sure to keep in mind your billing/renewal date. For example, if your plan is billed every month on the 15th, you will need to cancel your plan on the 14th to avoid being charged for an additional month. The process is the same for our annual membership as well.

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