How to add athletes to your roster
How coaches can add their players to their teams.
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You can invite athletes to join your team on FieldLevel directly from your team roster page. 

To invite your players, follow these steps:

  1. From your Dashboard, click "Add My Athletes" 

  2. Enter the athlete’s name

  3. Invite that player to join

You have different options for inviting your players:

  • Invite by FieldLevel: you can enter an athlete's email address and/or phone number to send and an invite on FieldLevel

  • Invite by email: you can send the athlete a unique invite link from your email account

  • Invite by SMS: you can send the athlete a unique invite link by text from your phone (mobile only)

  • Copy and send a unique link: you can copy the unique invite code and send it to the athlete any way that works best (e.g. social media)

If you opt to send through FieldLevel, as an email and/or text. Your athletes will receive an invitation from you asking them to join your roster.

To save time, you can also upload a spreadsheet of your roster (multiple players) directly to FieldLevel.

*Note: Please make sure your roster has both names and contact info for your athletes.

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