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Managing My Recruits List
Adding athletes to, tracking, and maintaining, "My Recruits" list
Adding athletes to, tracking, and maintaining, "My Recruits" list

When you find recruits you want to track, you can add them to your "My Recruits" list.

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As a college coach, whether you discover athletes from searching or from receiving promotions, you can add any athlete to your My Recruits list.

You can add athletes to your My Recruits list by clicking on an athlete's name from the search page after clicking into Discover Athletes and running a search:

Once you click into an athlete's profile click the add to My Recruits button on the athlete profile:

When you add an athlete to your list, that athlete's coach will receive a notification asking him/her to release the full profile to you, which includes the athlete's contact information. This process keeps high school coaches in the loop regarding which colleges have shown interest in their athletes and reminds them to continue to provide updates regarding their athletes' development.

You can navigate to your My Recruits list by clicking on the clipboard icon at the top of the homepage.

Your My Recruits list has a number of filters you can use to more easily find recruits, very similar to the filters in the athlete search feature.

Once you identify and evaluate recruits for your program, you and your coaching staff can track their progress and monitor their development by adding them to your My Recruits List.

For athletes on your My Recruits List, you will receive updates in your Main Dashboard Feed when they update their profiles or add new information. Specifically, you'll receive updates regarding the following:

  • Added Video Highlights

  • Coach Assessments

  • GPA, SAT/ACT Scores

  • Commitment Changes

    You have the ability to direct message any athlete on your My Recruits list by simply clicking the Message button in the athlete's profile.

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