As a coach on FieldLevel, you have the ability to recommend your players to college coaches in your network via "Promotions".

Here are some tips for what to say to college coaches and when to send athlete promotions:

Recruiting Needs For College Coaches

While you have the power to recommend your players to any coach in your network, having an understanding of what college coaches need for their future recruiting classes can help you send the perfect athlete promotion at the right time.

Complete Athlete Profile

Make sure your athletes' profiles are 100% complete or as close as possible before sending an Athlete Promotion. Promotions with complete profiles have a much better chance of being viewed by college coaches if they contain the following:

  • Coach Certification + Projection
  • Video Highlights
  • Academic Info (GPA + SAT/ACT)
  • Transcripts
  • Profile Picture

It's typically the athlete's responsibility to complete and maintain their profile. Incentivize your athletes by offering to promote them if and when their profile is complete.

To learn more about Athlete Promotions and how they work, click here: What's An Athlete Promotion and Why Is It Important?

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