How do I send athlete promotions and release profiles?

Recommending your players to college coaches is a great way to get your athletes in front of the right programs.

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As a coach on FieldLevel, you can recommend your players to college coaches via Promotions. A promotion includes your athlete's profile and a personal note explaining why you think your athlete is a good fit for that college.

Recommended promotions

You can promote your athletes to college coaches with Recommended Promotions, which include programs recommended specifically for your athletes based on several categories and criteria.

College search

You can also use the Colleges tab to search for specific programs to promote your athletes, including competition level, state, school size, and more.

Target Schools

You can also promote your athletes from their Target Schools List. Simply visit any of your player's Target Schools List and click the Promote button.

Personal note + sending promotions

Once you've selected a college, you can write a personal note to include with your athlete's profile. Your personal note should include why you think this athlete would be a good fit for their program.

Coaches promoting free athletes can select college coaches they are connected with on the network. Coaches promoting Premium athletes can select any college in the country, including:

  • Schools with coaches on FieldLevel but outside of their network connections

  • Schools with coaches who haven't signed up with FieldLevel yet

To learn more about the benefits of FieldLevel Premium, click here: FieldLevel Premium.

On the right side of the promotion is a checklist with information and data regarding how well your athlete matches that particular school. This includes information provided by you, your athlete, and the colleges.

If your athlete is a good fit for a particular college, you'll see a quick explanation and a series of green checkmarks. Suppose your athlete is not a good fit for a specific college or is missing important information in their profile like video, GPA, or an updated coach evaluation. In that case, you'll see a quick explanation along with some red X's:

What happens when I click send?

For college coaches on FieldLevel, promotions are sent to their Promotion Inbox. Depending on their notification settings, college coaches will receive an in-app alert and an email.

College coaches not yet on FieldLevel will receive an email with your information, personal note, and athlete's profile. They'll be able to view this information and reply directly to you via email.

To learn more about Athlete Promotions and how they work, click here: What's An Athlete Promotion and Why Is It Important?

What does it mean to release a profile?

To access a recruit's contact info, college coaches must request it from coaches directly.

When college coaches add athletes to their My Recruits Lists, those athletes' coaches will receive requests to release the athletes' Full Profiles.

When an athlete's profile is released, the college coach requesting it will be able to contact that athlete directly by messaging them on FieldLevel and receive their contact information (email and phone).

Coaches can include personal notes in their approval requests. Coaches will almost always accept profile release requests, and will always explain their reasonings if they deny the request. You can access profile requests from coaches' alerts in your profile.

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