Why you should build a strong Target Schools list

Collaborate with your coaches to build a strong Target Schools list and get in front of more college coaches.

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Building and maintaining your Target Schools list is a key part of your recruiting journey. There are three primary reasons why you should be utilizing your Target Schools list, which are detailed below.

1. Get seen by college coaches

When college coaches are searching for athletes on FieldLevel, they have a separate tab where they can view and search for all the athletes who are targeting their programs, as seen below.

When you are targeting a particular school, those coaches will be able to see your profile here.

They will not see what ranking they are on your Target Schools list โ€” rather, just that their school is on your Target Schools list at all.

2. Telling your coaches where to promote you

Your coaches on FieldLevel can view your Target Schools list so they can understand which schools interest you.

Once you have a good understanding of which programs you're interested in, your coaches will be able to promote you to college coaches at those programs. You can get promoted to these colleges, and any other colleges in the country, if you are a Premium athlete. If you do not have a Premium membership, your coaches must be connected with coaches at your Target Schools in order to promote you there.

3. Staying organized

Your Target Schools list on FieldLevel has a sliding scale beneath each college to track where you're at with each college on your list. This helps you stay organized and keep tabs on the schools you're interested in, all in one central location. Additionally, Premium athletes will be able to contact colleges directly from their Target Schools list using the "Contact College" button, so their Target Schools list will be a good place to

We recommend adding at least 20 colleges to your Target Schools list. For more information about the next steps with your list, check out this article: How to research colleges and add them to your Target Schools list.

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