How to research colleges and add them to your Target Schools list

Using the College Search tool to discover schools and add them to their Target Schools list.

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There are thousands of colleges across the country to research, and we have provided athletes with a tool to discover and organize them in one central place โ€” your Target Schools list.

To start your research, click the "Colleges" section at the top of your FieldLevel navigation bar.

Here, you will see various filters on the left-hand side you can use to discover colleges based on criteria you find important. FieldLevel Premium athletes will also be able to filter by their Match Strength with each college and filter based on which colleges are following them.

If you find a school you're interested in learning more about, you can click the three dots on the college's card to research more about the school.

If you want to add a school to your Target Schools list, just click "Add to Targets" on the college's card.

To view your Target Schools list, click "My Targets" on the College Search page or click "Targets" at the top of your navigation bar.

You can move colleges up or down on your Target Schools list by clicking the three lines to the left and dragging them in the order you prefer. College coaches will not be able to see what order you put your Target Schools in.

If you want to remove a college from your Target Schools list, you can click the button with three dots on the right-hand side and select "Remove from Targets."

To stay organized, you can use the sliding scale beneath each college to track where you're at with each college on your list.

Premium athletes will also be able to contact colleges directly from their Target Schools list using the "Contact College" button.

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