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FieldLevel lets your coaches grow their coaching networks and create more opportunities for you to play at the next level.

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When applying to college or a job, having the right references is critical to success. 

College recruiting is no different; this process relies on trust and relationships between coaches and athletes. 

Your coaches are the ultimate source of unbiased and detailed information regarding your abilities as a student-athlete. College coaches want access to this information quickly and easily so they can use it to evaluate recruits.

We built FieldLevel to help streamline the recruiting process for you and your coaches. Each of your coaches can connect with college coaches nationwide and create more opportunities for you to play at the next level.

Coach Connections And Their Meaning

When your coaches connect with college coaches, this is what happens:

  • Access contact info and can directly message one another

  • Ability to recommend you directly to college coaches in their networks (called an Athlete Promotion) 

To read more about coach connections, click here: What does connecting with a coach do?

Why Is This Important?

College coaches receive hundreds of messages daily from people they don’t know and from unverified sources. With so much inbound noise, college coaches have an extremely difficult time knowing which messages to read and how to verify the information.

This is where their trusted networks come in. Because your coaches are not only recommending you to college coaches in their networks but also vouching for your athletic and academic abilities, college coaches can trust the information, start their evaluation process, and communicate directly with your coaches.

This is why your coaches’ networks are so powerful and can help you immensely during the recruiting process.

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