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Why you should connect your profile to multiple teams/coaches
Why you should connect your profile to multiple teams/coaches

Adding multiple coaches to your profile has a number of benefits on FieldLevel.

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You have the ability to connect your profile to every team you play for in a given sport on FieldLevel. There are three primary reasons why you should connect your profile to as many of the teams you play for as possible:

1. More evaluations

Coaches on FieldLevel are responsible for evaluating their athletes to help college coaches better understand the abilities of potential recruits. Evaluations on FieldLevel are comprised of three things — written assessments, projections, and athletic measurements — that provide college coaches context about the athlete and their abilities.

When you are connected to more than one team/coach on FieldLevel, you will have more evaluations for college coaches to read and review. This allows college coaches to better understand who you are as a person and an athlete, which is extremely useful in the recruiting process.

2. More promotions

Coaches on FieldLevel connect with one another to build relationships and help athletes find opportunities to play at the next level. Each coach on FieldLevel has their own network of coach connections, and when your coach is connected to a college coach, they can promote you to that college coach. Getting promoted is a great way to get your profile in front of college coaches, who can view all the promotions they receive in one central location.

Being connected to more than one team/coach on FieldLevel expands the circle of college coaches who you could be promoted to — opening yourself up to more opportunities to get discovered and find your home at the next level.

3. More help building out your profile

Coaches on FieldLevel can add information to their athletes' profiles, such as their GPA and videos. Coaches can also suggest schools for athletes to target on FieldLevel.

The more teams and coaches you have on your FieldLevel profile, the more help you will have building out the best and most complete profile possible.

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