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What profile views, highlight views, and follows mean with regards to your recruiting journey and how your activity can lead to offers.

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During your recruiting journey, you'll likely go through multiple steps before you receive an offer. If you've received activity from college coaches (e.g. profile views, highlight views, and follows), you're actively involved in the recruiting process and should continue to leverage your profile activity — the goal is to engage with those college coaches to gauge their level of interest and turn that interest into offers.

Speaking With College Coaches

To better understand just how interested college programs are in you, it's important to work with your coaches to get in direct contact with those college coaches. 

Keep in mind there are specific rules regarding college coaches contacting recruits based on your Grad Year and Quiet Periods. The best and easiest way to communicate with college coaches is through your coaches because college coaches and your coaches can speak with one another at any time during the recruiting process.

To learn about when college coaches can contact you, click here: Contact Periods and Rules for Communicating With College Coaches. 

Questions that you and your coaches should ask college coaches include:

  • How interested are they in recruiting you?

  • Should you attend one of their camps? Do you recruit players from your camps?

  • Are they recruiting any other athletes in your Grad Year or at your Position?

  • Have they seen you play in person? 

  • If so, what can you work on to develop into a better player? 

  • Are they interested in having me for an unofficial visit? 

Another piece of advice: Don't ask college coaches for a scholarship too early

We've heard feedback from many college coaches that asking for scholarship money early in the recruiting process is frowned upon and off-putting. Be sure to speak with your coaches about when would be a good time to ask the colleges how much scholarship money they have available for your recruiting class. 

What College Coaches Will Ask You

Here are some questions you can expect to be asked by them:

  • Which other schools do you have interest from?

  • Which other college coaches are you speaking with?

  • Have you taken any college visits yet?

  • Do you have any offers yet?

  • What type of college experiences are you looking for?

  • Do you know what you want your major to be? If so, which one?

  •  What do you want to do after college?

One major piece of advice: Be Honest.

College coaches have relationships with one another and certainly will cross-check your answers.

If you've only been to a couple of camps and don't have any offers, that's completely fine. Simply communicate that to college coaches and let them know what you're looking for and what you're doing to get better.

The more you speak with college coaches, the more likely they are to ask you to visit campus. 

For information on how to build a great profile, click here: How to Setup and Maintain a Great Profile.

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