You can manage your roster from one place on the Dashboard.

From the Dashboard, you can do the following:

  • Add Athletes To Roster
  • View Pending Roster Athletes
  • Certify Athletes
  • View Athletes' Target Schools Lists
  • Send/Manage Athlete Promotions
  • View Athletes' Profile Activity

Add Athletes To Roster

You can invite athletes to join their roster by sending them an invite through FieldLevel to their email and/or phone. You can also send them an invite directly from your email, by SMS or by sending them a unique link that they can use to join your roster.

Additionally, you can import a spreadsheet of your complete roster onto FieldLevel.

Click here for detailed instructions on how to add athletes to your roster: How to Add Athletes.

Pending Roster Athletes

If any athletes who you've invited haven't joined your roster yet, they will appear at the top of your roster page.

You can either delete or resend the invitation by clicking on the athlete's name.

Certify Athletes

You can add or edit your athletes' certifications from the Dashboard.

Public Profiles For Your Athletes

Your athlete's have the option to set their profiles to "Public".

Public profiles are beneficial to both you and your athletes. As a coach, using your athletes’ public profiles will allow you to easily share information with coaches outside of FieldLevel through email, text, or social media. This allows your athletes to get even more exposure to the right colleges without creating any additional strain.

Click here to learn more about public profiles: How Coaches Can Use Their Athlete's Public Profiles

View Athletes' Target Schools

Each athlete is responsible for adding and maintaining their list of Target Schools.

This list is easily accessible to coaches from the Dashboard. 

Send/Manage Athlete Promotions

You can see the last time you promoted your athletes and take action directly from your Dashboard.

Athletes' Profile Activity 

You're able to see your athlete's profile activity from colleges. If your athlete is upgraded, you'll be able to see specifically which colleges are viewing the profile. For more information on Athlete Activity, click here: Your Athletes' Profile Activity

Move Athlete To Alumni

You can move athletes from your roster to Alumni.

Managing Alumni

You can access your Alumni by clicking into your roster, then clicking the program profile selection on the left-hand side of your Dashboard.

Athletes on your Alumni list will show where you've placed players on your Team Page. You can also move athletes from your Alumni back onto your active roster or completely delete them from your team.

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