You can recommend your athletes directly to college coaches in your network using Promotions. Promoting your athletes to your connections is a great way to help them get in front of the right college programs for free.

To help you promote your athletes to the right colleges, you're provided additional information and data regarding how well your athletes match that particular school. This includes information provided by you, your athletes, and colleges.

For instructions on how to best promote your athletes, click here: How Do I Send Athlete Promotions?

Premium Athletes

For athletes upgraded to FieldLevel Premium, you can promote them to ANY college coach on FieldLevel, not just to coaches in your personal network. 

To learn more about the benefits of FieldLevel Premium, click here: FieldLevel Premium

Premium athletes receive Recommendations of colleges where they match, helping them target the right schools, and providing you the ability to promote them to more college coaches.

To learn more about Recommendations, click here: What are College Recommendations?

Promoting your athletes is the best way to help them get interest from college coaches. Although coaches can search for recruits on FieldLevel, when they receive promotions from coaches in their network, they are much more likely to engage.

Promotions contain your athlete’s profile along with video, academics, contact info, your certification, and a personal note from you.

When college coaches receive promotions, they can message you back directly.

Public Profiles

We’ve now given athletes the ability to control which information they’d like to make public and keep private. As a coach, using your athletes’ public profiles will allow you to easily share information with coaches outside of FieldLevel through email, text, or social media. This allows your athletes to get even more exposure to the right colleges without creating any additional strain.

To learn more click on this link: How Coaches Can Use Their Athletes Public Profiles

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