There are two ways colleges can learn about your athletes on FieldLevel:

  1. By searching for them using specific filters (Grad Year, Position, etc.)
  2. You can promote your athletes to college coaches in your network

Different types of Profile Activity provide unique insight into what colleges are looking for, their levels of interest and how closely they are evaluating athletes.

These are the four types Profile Activity you can get on FieldLevel:

  • Search Appearances (Athletes appear in a search by colleges)
  • Profile Views (When colleges look at your athletes' profiles)
  • Highlight Views (When colleges watch your athletes' videos)
  • Follows (When colleges add your athletes to their My Recruits)

How To View Your Athletes' Activity

When athletes are on the free plan, both you and them can see when activity occurs but aren't able to see exactly which colleges are engaging with their profiles. When your athletes are upgraded to FieldLevel Premium, both you and them can view the colleges causing the activity.

To view an athlete's college activity, click on the number above "Roster" on the right hand side of your homepage dashboard. Click on the number above activity for each corresponding athlete.

You can also click into your athletes' profiles to see more detailed information regarding their Profile Activity. Click into an athlete's profile and choose the "Activity" tab on the top of the page.

Free Athlete Profile

Upgraded Athlete Profile

It's important that your athletes continue to update their profiles throughout the recruiting process: Build and Maintain Their Profiles

As a coach, you also have access to each of your athletes' profiles and can make updates: Edit Your Athletes' Profiles.

To see the benefits of FieldLevel Premium, click here: FieldLevel Premium.

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