Verifying your performance metrics

Verify your metrics with videos or links to boost credibility and visibility with college coaches—a simple guide on enhancing your profile.

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At FieldLevel, we understand the importance of credibility in the recruiting process. That's why we've introduced the option for athletes and coaches to verify their performance metrics through video evidence or external links. This added layer of verification helps college coaches trust the data, making athlete profile even more compelling. Here’s how you can verify your performance metrics.

Why Verify Your Metrics?

Builds credibility: Verified metrics provide concrete evidence of your achievements, giving recruiters confidence in the accuracy of your data.

Increases visibility: Profiles with verified metrics are more likely to catch the attention of recruiters as they demonstrate a high level of commitment to the recruiting process.

Showcases your skills: Videos confirm your metrics and give recruiters a direct glimpse into your technique, form, and performance under various conditions.

How to verify your performance metrics

Verifying with video:

  1. Record your performance: Capture clear footage of achieving the metrics you wish to verify, such as driving distance or clubhead speed.

  2. Upload the video: Login to your FieldLevel profile, go to the performance metrics section and select the metric you wish to verify. Click verify, then select the video and upload your footage.

  3. Submit for verification: Select your video as proof and save once uploaded. Your metric is now verified, and college coaches can view your proof. 

Verifying with External Links:

  1. Gather evidence: If your accomplishment has been documented on a reputable website (e.g., tournament results, official leaderboards), copy the URL to the specific page showcasing your achievement.

  2. Link to your metric: In the performance metrics section of your profile, find the metric you wish to verify and select verify. Paste the copied URL into the designated field.

  3. Submit for verification: After adding the link, save verification. Your metric is now verified, and college coaches can view your proof. 

Tips for Effective Verification

  • Quality matters: Ensure videos are explicit, focusing on the action required to demonstrate the metric. Use only credible sources that directly showcase or reference your achievements for links.

  • Be precise: When recording videos, ensure they directly correlate to the specific metric you verify. For example, if verifying driving distance, the video should clearly show the measurement process.

  • Keep it current: Use recent evidence to verify your metrics, as this more accurately reflects your current abilities and performance level.

Verified metrics can significantly enhance your profile's impact, giving recruiters an added level of confidence in your abilities. Review your performance metrics, and set your FieldLevel profile apart from other athletes in your class.

For any assistance with uploading or submitting your verification, please contact our support team.

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