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Add achievements and schedules easily in the "Performance" tab.

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In our ongoing effort to improve your experience and enhance the visibility of athlete profiles to college coaches, we've made some exciting updates to how you can present performance information. Here's everything you need to know about these changes and how to make the most of them.
​What's new in Performance information?

  • Performance Tab Introduction: We've consolidated key performance information under a new "Performance" tab on athlete profiles. This centralized location makes it easier for college coaches to assess your athletic achievements and potential.

  • Renaming 'Honors and achievements': The section previously known as "Honors and Achievements" has been updated to "Results and accomplishments" and can be found in the performance area.

How to update your performance information

  1. Access the Performance tab: Log in to your profile and navigate to the "Performance" tab. This is your new space for all performance-related information.

  2. Adding results and accomplishments: Under the "Results and accomplishments" section, you can now add detailed records of your competitive results, personal bests, and any awards or recognitions you've received. This is the place to highlight your progress and success.

  3. Updating your Schedule: The Performance tab also allows you to update your schedule with upcoming events, matches, or tournaments. Sharing your schedule keeps your profile current and makes it easy for college coaches to know when they can see you in action.

Why performance matters

The introduction of the Performance tab and the update to "Results and accomplishments" are designed with you in mind. These enhancements:

  • Simplify the process: Updating your profile and adding performance data is now easier to find, making it easier to keep your information current.

  • Improve visibility: A focused tab for performance information increases your visibility to college coaches, providing them with a comprehensive view of your athletic career at a glance.

  • Enhance evaluation: By giving coaches easy access to your results, accomplishments, and schedule, you're providing the detailed information they need to assess your potential accurately.

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