How to find athletes using metric filters

Learn how to use metric filters to efficiently search for athletes by specific performance metrics on FieldLevel.

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Use metric filters on FieldLevel to search for athletes based on specific performance metrics.

Steps to use metric filters:

  1. Access the search feature:

    1. Open the Discover athletes section from your dashboard or me menu to start.

  2. Apply filters:

    1. Click All filters to reveal more search options.

  3. Select metric filters:

    1. In the filters menu, locate and select the metric filters.

  4. View results:

    1. Profiles of athletes who match your selected metrics will be displayed. Review these to identify potential recruits.

Conclusion: Metric filters streamline the recruitment process by enabling you to quickly find athletes who meet specific performance criteria.

Need help? For more information or assistance with using metric filters, please contact our support team.

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