How does FieldLevel work?

FieldLevel recreates the real-life recruiting process online, opening new opportunities, increasing efficiency, and becoming more transparent for you.
Most people don’t know that any recruited athlete must go through 4 distinct phases:

  1. Identification – you must be identified
  2. Evaluation – you must be evaluated by a recruiter or a trusted source
  3. Contact – you must be contacted by the recruiter
  4. Offering – you must be offered an place on the team (scholarship, recruited walk-on, etc)

Let’s say you are a left-handed pitcher from California graduating from high school in 2015. FieldLevel make this easy for you. You can see EXACTLY how many:

College teams are looking for 2015 left handed pitchers in CA


College teams looked at your profile specifically = Identification


College teams have viewed your highlight video = Evaluation


College programs have requested your contact info from your coach = Contact


When your FieldLevel profile is complete, recruiters can IDENTIFY you, EVALUATE you (video and transcripts), and CONTACT you via email or telephone.  OFFERS are usually made in person or over the phone.  

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