What are the premium features offered for my athletes?

FieldLevel offers many free features that allow athletes to get great use from their profile without paying but we also offer premium subscriptions that offer additional information about an athletes recruiting process. They are listed below.

  • Profile Activity ($19 per month) shows you and your athlete specifically which college program has viewed their profile and video as well as which college programs are following them.

  • Advanced Matching ($39 per month) shows you and your athlete which college programs they match with based on a number of different data points and allows you to promote them to those coaches.

  • Ranking ($59 per month) shows you and your athlete where they rank compared to other athletes in their recruiting class, state, and position. The premium features are month-to-month and can be cancelled at any time. Premium features are all-inclusive, meaning that Profile Activity is included when Advanced Matching is purchased and so on.
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