What's "Advanced Matching"?

Advanced Matching is a great way for you and your coach to learn which colleges you're a fit with.

Each college program has specific requirements they are looking for with each recruiting class. This includes academic (GPA, SAT/ACT, etc.) and athletic (specific positions, running speed, vertical jump, pitching velocity, etc.) metrics.

When college coaches enter this data into FieldLevel, our algorithm finds athletes that match what they are looking for based on the academic information you've entered as well as your coach's certification.

Advanced Matching shows you and your coach with which schools you match and allows your coach to promote you to those coaches even if they aren't connected in the coach's network.

This allows you to get in front of college coaches where you're a great fit as well as gives your coach the opportunity to establish a relationship with more college coaches.

Lastly, when you upgrade to Advanced Matching, you also get Profile Activity to track which colleges have viewed your profile, video, and which colleges are following your profile.

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