How to improve your promotions

Last year, high school and JUCO coaches sent over 2M athlete promotions to college coaches through FieldLevel. We surveyed college coaches to help identify what info needs to be included for the perfect athlete recommendation:

  1. Video
    College coaches need to watch an athlete practice/play. After reading a coach's assessment, every college coach will want to see film to make their own determination about the player's ability.

  2. Academics
    GPA, SAT, ACT, and Transcripts help college coaches understand if a student-athlete has any chance of being admitted to their school. College coaches know their school's unique academic requirements and can even help recruits identify potential academic scholarship opportunities.

  3. Personal Note
    College coaches can tell immediately if your athlete promotion has been blanketed to a large number of college coaches or if you truly believe your athlete is a good fit at their school. Making your note highly personalized by mentioning their name, their school, and why your athlete meets their unique needs can make or break your student-athlete's chances.

  4. Update Assessment
    Before sending your promotion, be sure you've updated your athlete's assessment. This includes height/weight, athletic measurements, and performance updates. Lastly, be sure you've projected your athlete to the correct level. Sending your D3/NAIA projected athlete to D1 coaches hurts your credibility with college coaches in your network and drastically decreases the chances they will open subsequent promotions.

  5. Profile Pictures
    Be sure both you and your athletes have headshots in your profiles. Profile photos are included in your promotions, and college coaches like to see that athletes are taking their recruitment seriously.
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