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What is a coach evaluation and why is it important?
What is a coach evaluation and why is it important?

Coach evaluations are a great way for college coaches better understand your abilities.

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To help college coaches better understand the abilities of potential recruits, coaches can write evaluations of their athletes.

Evaluations are comprised of 3 things:

  1. Written Evaluation

  2. Projection

  3. Athletic Measurements

Written Evaluation

Coaches provide written evaluations of their athletes which should include the following:

  • Athletic Abilities (Strengths + Areas of Growth)

  • Academic Abilities

  • Leadership Skills

  • Character Reference

Coaches are encouraged to provide multiple evaluations throughout the recruiting process as their athletes develop.


Coaches indicate which competition level they believe the athlete would succeed most in their projection. Coaches can project athletes to the following competition levels:

  • Professional




  • NAIA

  • Junior College

As athletes develop, coaches should update their projections.

Athletic Measurements

Each sport has specific drills and measurements that college coaches might want to see. These measurements help coaches assess athletes and their performance. For example, pitching velocity is very important in baseball, and lacrosse coaches might want to know an athlete's pro agility shuttle time.

When writing your evaluation, your coach can insert the athletic measurements associated with your sport.

Sample evalution on FieldLevel

Here is what your coaches will see when writing your evaluation:

Once your coach posts your evaluation, it will appear on your profile but you will not be able to read it. Evaluations on FieldLevel can only be seen by coaches. They remain private to athletes to ensure coaches provide honest assessments of their athletes to college coaches. This helps colleges know which recruits they should pursue for their programs.

We recommend starting a conversation with your coaches if you have specific questions about your evaluations. Most often, your coaches are happy to share their evaluations if asked.

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