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How to set up Organizations, add teams, and manage staff within Organizations.

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In FieldLevel, you can be connected to both Organizations and Teams.

  • Organization = club, league, school, and/or college that are comprised of multiple teams.

  • Team = one roster of athletes that you coach.

Creating a New Organization

When you sign up, you will be asked your organization name. Please fill this out to either join an existing organization on FieldLevel or create a new one.

Displaying Org Creation - 1. Orgs...

Next, if your organization already has a FieldLevel account, you can request to join that organization. Please make sure you're spelling the organization name correctly.

Displaying Org Creation - 1. Orgs...

If you do not see the Organization in the list, you will be prompted to create a new one at the bottom of the screen.

Displaying Org Creation - 1. Orgs...

Please fill in and confirm your organizations name. Next, please enter your first team's information. Note that all teams will have the name of the organization followed by the team name you enter.

TIP: If you want to have separate teams for each year, make sure you label the age group accordingly.

Displaying Org Creation - 1. Orgs...

Once the team is created, you will be asked for your role with the team and then your set up is complete. You will be able to add more teams to your organizations from within the app once your account has been verified by the FieldLevel Success team!

If you're already a coach on FieldLevel and need to create an organization, please Contact Support with the following information:

  • Your Organization Name

  • Teams to be added to that Organization

  • Admins for the Organization

Learn more about managing your organization here

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