Managing Organizations

How to set up Organizations, add teams, and manage staff within Organizations.

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In FieldLevel, you can be connected to both Organizations and Teams.

  • Organization = club, league, school, and/or college that are comprised of multiple teams.

  • Team = one roster of athletes that you coach.

    Learn more about creating Organizations here

Managing Your Organization

Once you have been verified and made Organization Admin, you can manage your Organization by clicking the clipboards icon in the top-right corner. Select "Manage XYZ Organization" to visit your Organization page.

Once you are on the Organization page, you will be able to do the following:

  • Add teams

  • Edit Existing teams

  • View all athletes in your organization

  • Add additional admins.

If you do not see the Organization box in your clipboards, please contact Customer Support and let us know you need to be added as an Org Admin so you can manage your Organization.

Adding and Editing Teams

To Add a team, select the "Add Team" button and it will take you through the same steps as before to create a team.

To Edit a team, select the 3 vertical buttons next to the team to either edit or manage the staff.

You will only be able to edit or manage the staff of the teams you belong to. You will need to add yourself to the team if you want to take any action on them. Any team you are not an admin of will prompt you of this when you select the menu and will have an information bubble next to the team name

If a coach joins FieldLevel without you inviting them, and they request to join the team, you will get prompted to review their request and accept it in order for them to join. You will get requests regardless of whether you are on the teams' staff.

On the team edit page, you will be able to update the team name, URLs, logo, and Zip Code. If you want to change the Organizations name, please select the "Contact Support" link below the Organization section. Make sure you save your changes at the bottom of the screen.

If you have existing rosters that need to be added to a new organization or want to split out existing rosters into several teams, please contact Customer Support for assistance.

Please review the following articles on managing your teams for further details on adding staff and athletes:

Viewing the Organizations Athletes

In the Athletes tab, you will now be able to manage all of your Organizations Athletes. You can use the Search and filter options to shorten your list view to specific criteria.

You can filter by Sport, Team, Year, Position or Name

The Position filter will not become available until you choose a specific sport in the sport filter

You can select what action you choose to do with the athlete

  • Assign to teams

  • Move to alumni

When assigning to a team, you can have the athlete be on multiple teams if desired, just check the box to the teams that athlete should belong to.

When moving to Alumni, they will no longer be on your teams and can now be found in the Alumni Tab

Once they are on the Alumni tab, you can opt to add them back to a team or remove them from your organization all together.

Adding another admin

Please use the "Contact Support" link to make an existing team member an admin for the organization.

Removing teams from your organization

If you no longer want a team associated to your organization, you will first need to remove all staff and athletes that are associated to that team from its roster. Once you have completed that, you will be able to remove the team from the Teams tab.

You can also get Team Premium to upgrade your Athletes to Premium as part of a package.
​How to upgrade your team to Premium!


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