Filling out your college preferences

Filling out your college preferences is a crucial part in making sure that you are matched with the right colleges on FieldLevel.

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What are your college preferences?

Your college preferences are a series of questions that allow you to narrow down which colleges you are interested in based on location, competition level, and the size of the school. You can find your college preferences under the " Edit Profile" section on your profile page. Your preferences can be changed at any time.

Why is it important to fill out my college preferences?

Filling out your college preferences will allow you to appear in more searches by college coaches, and it will help you get matched with the right colleges based on your specific preferences.

How you appear in coach searches

If a college coach searches athletes interested in a specific state or division and the athlete has set their college preferences to that state or division, they have a better chance of appearing in that college coach's search.

Match Strength Score

Athletes, and their coaches, can see a Match Strength for every college on FieldLevel. Your Match Strength ranges on a scale of Low to Excellent (Low, Medium, High, Excellent) and is calculated by your coach's projection levels, your college preferences, and your academics. Your Match Strength can then be used to identify the best-fitting colleges to target.

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