Understanding which Division and School is right for you

Article that helps begin thinking about where athletes will want to play

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Preparing for the next stage of the student-athlete journey will be filled with questions you will need to ask yourself honestly regarding what you want and where your athletic strengths are.

First let's focus on your location and financial questions:

  • Do I want to move to a specific city or state or do I want to stay close to home?

  • Do I have limited tuition opportunities and will rely on scholarships or is there flexibility from a budgetary perspective?

  • What areas of study do I want to pursue? Do the schools in the area I want to attend have the majors I am interested in?

Depending on your answers you may be able to narrow down a select group of schools you will want to start targeting. Discuss with your parents what would make you happy from a learning and distance perspective to see what realistic options are available.

Now lets discuss your Athletic Strength:

  • Has my coach suggested a playing level I can try out for?

  • Have I watched the different levels of play to identify what best matches my current level?

  • Do I feel I can play at the highest level but need more time to develop my skills?

  • Have you attended any camps or events to help gauge where you could be a good fit?

  • Do I need to be in the spotlight and start right away or can I come off the bench in clutch moments to help the team?

Answering these as honestly as you can may be difficult, but the more sincere you are with your answers, the more success you will have in finding potential fits for your athletic future. Include your coaches and parents in searching the answers for these questions as they may provide insight as well.

FieldLevel is here to help you identify which schools will then match the criteria you have chosen, and based on the preferences you chose on the questions you asked yourself above, we can identify which schools could be a strong match!

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